Cannabis (Sativex) for Multiple Sclerosis (and Autism?) in Sweden after all!

With almost magical timing, a Press Release from GW Pharma tells us that Sativex* is now available in Sweden.

This won’t be the first time medical cannabis has been legally used in Sweden, according to some folk at C4A on FB.

Which leads us to the question, are there any people in Sweden who have both MS and ASD, and if so, are they eligible for Sativex? If not, why not? If so, can we get a look at the effect it has, if any, on the symptoms of their autism please?

With a population of  about 9 million, and assuming autism and MS rates are ~= 1 in 100 and 1 in 300 respectivly, we can expect to find maybe 300 people with a diagnosis of both. Of these, roughly one third (100) will have aspergers and half (currently 49.81%) will be on facebook, giving us a quite a wide target to aim for.

This search is particularly interesting to autism researchers because there is a possibility that MS and ASD do not occur together as frequently as they should according to chance. If there is a mutual exclusivity to the conditions then it may help to understand both conditions.

*I hope the Swedes also note that Sativex (Cannabis) is proven to not cause psychosis or schizophrenia, and is not proven to increase risk of, or contribute in any way to, any increase in incidence, in any age group, of any kind of illness, whatsoever.


About cannabisforautism

An Ashtanga Yoga teacher, dedicated to improving the health and welfare of those involved in mental health issues, substance use or homelessness. I am also striving to put an end to the perception of the substance user as someone who makes incorrect choices. Striving for a world where there are no 'drug abusers' or 'addicts', just substance users with health concerns and sometimes financial and legal confounds. It is possible to use many substances and still remain happier and healthier than your peers. The notion that a substance user must become unhealthier as time goes by is false. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. It's about autism treatments and a few other odds and ends. Thank you and take care, Jules
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