Dad has something to say:

While searching for more information on CB1 knockout mice and their part in the autism puzzle, I came across the article ‘Surprising connections between “Failure-to-Thrive” and Cannabinoids‘ and a quick search for ‘autism’ revealed this:

‘ Dad July 9, 2010 2:15 pm (Pacific time)

It’s nice to see people taking a stand now and again – not being afraid to state the POSSIBILITY that cannabis may not be all bad. The propaganda is so ingrained that, as a nation, we’re only barely willing to believe that cannabis has some good properties. Start throwing around “children” in discussions about cannabis, and people just flip out. My son has autism and has, at times, been so dangerous to himself that he’s given himself a beating worthy of being considered serious child abuse. He’s used many “safe” medications like Haldol, Ativan, Valium, Naltrexone, etc. But the only thing that’s worked during a serious crisis… is cannabis. Videos don’t lie: I hope more of the fence-sitters will start to see the light. This country needs to get away from its dependency on pharmaceutical companies in a bad way. ‘

I wonder, given a case as clear-cut as Alex’s, how can anyone say that cannabis must never be given to a child under any circumstances? I am beginning to wonder if the law has the power to turn ordinary people to sociopathy?


About cannabisforautism

An Ashtanga Yoga teacher, dedicated to improving the health and welfare of those involved in mental health issues, substance use or homelessness. I am also striving to put an end to the perception of the substance user as someone who makes incorrect choices. Striving for a world where there are no 'drug abusers' or 'addicts', just substance users with health concerns and sometimes financial and legal confounds. It is possible to use many substances and still remain happier and healthier than your peers. The notion that a substance user must become unhealthier as time goes by is false. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. It's about autism treatments and a few other odds and ends. Thank you and take care, Jules
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