Autism: A Year In Review

By the way, cannabis is probably the safest medicine for autism and may work for around 7 out of every 10 autistic people.

All the best for 2012 🙂
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About cannabisforautism

An Ashtanga Yoga teacher, dedicated to improving the health and welfare of those involved in mental health issues, substance use or homelessness. I am also striving to put an end to the perception of the substance user as someone who makes incorrect choices. Striving for a world where there are no 'drug abusers' or 'addicts', just substance users with health concerns and sometimes financial and legal confounds. It is possible to use many substances and still remain happier and healthier than your peers. The notion that a substance user must become unhealthier as time goes by is false. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. It's about autism treatments and a few other odds and ends. Thank you and take care, Jules
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2 Responses to Autism: A Year In Review

  1. W G Treasure says:

    You owe me royalties for using my picture!
    My agent will be contacting you.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Sorry about that, HuffPost seems to have automatically updated my wordpress account and included your picture in the automatic update.

    Do I have to remove it? I am not very wealthy. How much is the royalty? I don’t think I could afford to pay you *and* your agent.

    This is an interesting situation! It is a very nice picture, I’d like to keep it on the post but if that’s not possible then I can re-created it using a small boy and a grey hoodie 🙂

    Tell me please, are you autistic Bill? Do you use cannabis as medicine?

    Happy new year!

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