I understand that some people think that cannabis is illegal because of ‘dangers to the user and society’. That is simply false. It is illegal because of ‘dangers to the wealth and power of a certain family’.

We all suffer because of their greed. If there ever was such a thing as a ‘Prince of Vampires’, then surely this man…

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Many people believe the Rockefellers began their fortune with oil. However, it was wealth from drugs that enabled them to invest in oil and create their vast fortune.

In the 19th century it was William Avery Rockefeller who hawked remedies and medications; medications that had opiate bases. He was literally a traveling salesman, a ‘hack doctor’ and a trickster. He was, in fact, a drug dealer.

He called himself a ‘cancer specialist’, and eventually, with the sales of his elixirs and growing ‘snake oil fortune’, was able to give large amounts of  money to his son, John Davison Rockefeller, who used that money to start an oil business.

John Rockefeller saw that oil was going to bring in even bigger profits than ‘snake oil elixirs’. He played the railroad companies against each other, eventually gaining ‘control’. The railroads and cheap transportation were key to transporting the oil; refiners who…

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About cannabisforautism

An Ashtanga Yoga teacher, dedicated to improving the health and welfare of those involved in mental health issues, substance use or homelessness. I am also striving to put an end to the perception of the substance user as someone who makes incorrect choices. Striving for a world where there are no 'drug abusers' or 'addicts', just substance users with health concerns and sometimes financial and legal confounds. It is possible to use many substances and still remain happier and healthier than your peers. The notion that a substance user must become unhealthier as time goes by is false. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. It's about autism treatments and a few other odds and ends. Thank you and take care, Jules
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  1. tielman says:

    The Rockefellers and Snake Oil go hand in hand . Evil has a way of manifesting itself on its own perpetrators. The most recent case is the purchase of many many millions of $$$’s worth of Monsanto stock by Mr Microsoft himself. He’s planning to drag his wifes name through the vaccination dirt he thinks is going to save African children from all sorts of diseses. Experimenting, as we did with birth controll pills in the 50’s, using Dominican Republic and Cuban women, for free. This time the stakes are higher. There is more of a chance of mental disorders and even death, but heck they’re not American kids. And there are no busybodies to thwart Bill & Malinda as they test for glory. The overmedicated children of the United States is proof enough that we as a nation have abrogated our responsibilty to crooks. One has only to look at the incidences of disorders that ten years ago were minor. Today we have full scale epidemics. Who wins ? Gee it must be crooked doctors (snake oil) and big Pharma ? And Insurance ! Mustn’t forget them.

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