Michigan panel votes on medical marijuana for autism


LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Michigan would become the first state to allow medical marijuana for children with severe autism if an official follows the recommendation of a state panel.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel voted 4-2 Friday to recommend autism as a condition that qualifies for marijuana.

The recommendation now goes to the director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, who makes the final decision.

Supporters say oil extracted from marijuana has been effective in controlling extreme physical behavior by kids with severe autism. But critics say there’s still not enough research.

Michigan’s chief medical executive, Dr. Eden Wells, serves on the panel and voted no.

Only post-traumatic stress disorder has been added since Michigan voters in 2008 approved marijuana for the side effects of cancer and a few other illnesses.

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An Ashtanga Yoga teacher, dedicated to improving the health and welfare of those involved in mental health issues, substance use or homelessness. I am also striving to put an end to the perception of the substance user as someone who makes incorrect choices. Striving for a world where there are no 'drug abusers' or 'addicts', just substance users with health concerns and sometimes financial and legal confounds. It is possible to use many substances and still remain happier and healthier than your peers. The notion that a substance user must become unhealthier as time goes by is false. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. It's about autism treatments and a few other odds and ends. Thank you and take care, Jules
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3 Responses to Michigan panel votes on medical marijuana for autism

  1. Ann Kilter says:

    A lot of positive things have happened for autistic kids in Michigan due to the lieutenant governor having a kid with autism. Insurance coverage is a big one.

  2. …”but critics say there’s still not enough research”. How convenient- as research has essentially been blocked for half a century due to our idiotic laws. And yes, the Obama administration has recently moved to remove some hurdles to research, but it will still be a decade, or three, before we have a good body of peer reviewed studies- using the quality of cannabis products actually available (and not just the dried jumble of leaf, stems, and “flowers” that the NIH/DEA have long provided for research.

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