Why am I doing this?

Many scientists and medical practitioners know or believe that cannabis can treat autism but they probably won’t shout about it because the firm evidence just isn’t there, they might ruin their careers and besides, they just don’t have the time.

There are also a handful of parents who are championing the use of cannabis for their autistic children. These people are some of the bravest people in the world but they have an autistic child to look after so they may not have the time to ping the entire blogosphere.

As far as I know, I’m the only adult with autism who self-medicates with cannabis and who is determined to inform as many people as possible that it could be an option for many autistic people.

Being a yoga teacher not a conventional health professional I don’t think it’s going to harm my career too much. In fact, yoga works well with cannabis too 😉


9 Responses to Why?

  1. Hi Jules, I just found your story here, after posting my last comment. I am so excited to hear more about your journey with autism and how you use Cannabis to improve your life. Thanks for being brave and stepping out into the light.

    Bliss Cannabis

  2. Animator3000 says:

    I found this while looking for what kind of effect SOPA could have on the autism community. This is fascinating! Keep up the good work!

  3. James says:

    Do you have any area to rate/review Cannabis for Autism on your site? I might be trying it in the near future because I have Autism quite bad, I’m not great at explaining my experiences but if given time I will give it a really good try of the positive changes or negative that I get from it.

    • Hi James, that’s what this blog is for, just post your personal accounts anywhere on the blog and people will be able to pick them up, when you’ve done a few of them over time we can turn them into an article. Sharing is caring :)Thank you and good luck!

  4. CannaMamma says:

    Well, this is quite the interesting site! I’m happy I found it!

    My son, who is now an adult, was the first in our state a few years ago to be approved for medical cannabis at 15. It wasn’t easy to do, but it wasn’t horrific, either. He has epilepsy, and that is an approved condition for the use of medical cannabis.

    It’s been quite an interesting experience. At first, we needed it fast when he would have a meltdown preceding a seizure many times, so edibles wouldn’t work because they take too long. We used a vaporizer. Sometimes he would ask for it, then other times would refuse it. Since he is basically non-verbal, we go with his lead unless we feel he absolutely needs it.

    We take this herbal remedy any day over the horrible drugs they tried to put him on. The drugs made him crazy and they didn’t work anyway. We dried Dronabinol and that was also horrible.

    It’s not for everyone, but it sure made a difference in our lives. He doesn’t use it now, but I keep his card current in case he decides he needs it.

    Best to all of you.

  5. kkalin72 says:

    They don’t “shout about it” because Pharmaceutical companies would be unable to profit from the use of Cannabis — because everyone could/can just grow their own…..

  6. Many thanks for following my blog. Your site is wonderfully informative – well done!

  7. Billy says:

    Hello, I am a 38 year old male with AS. I have been using cannabis for over 20 years. Cannabis allows me to maintain focus, it helps ease my stomach pains due to stress, it allows me to be social and less anxious/awkward. I live in a state where it is all still illegal. I don’t want to be a criminal. I have troubles holding any jobs that deal with customers and other employees since I cannot use cannabis on these jobs, working alone is not a problem. My dream is to move to a state where I can use cannabis and grow my own medicine, to be able to work in this industry would be a dream come true. Cannabis has saved my life and made it much easier to exist, I’ve always known that, even when my family thought I was just a loser stoner, I suffered from AS and I used cannabis. Thank you to all who have realized what I did 20 years ago! Cannabis helps us.

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